Friday, February 2, 2007

To build or not to build?

How is it that guys just know to to fix things? Is it some secret society when we are children that little boys are pulled into? Is it at maturation in 6th grade where instead of telling boys about puberty, they are taught how to use a hammer and screwdriver? This past fall when my roommate moved out and took all her furniture with her, i decided to buy a side table for our family room. Now, being the cheap-o that i can be sometimes, i bought one from target and put it together myself. Katelyn just wanted to be in the picture - she sat on the couch and watched me hammer away ;)

I really shouldn't be proud of myself. There were step by step instructions and I am sure that I hammered my thumb more than once - but the finished product is quite nice. And the fact that I did it without a man's help is pretty cool. Well, a man probably wrote the instructions - but that doesn't count in my book:)

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alisa said...

as cute as you look in this picture and as proud as i am of your handiwork--i'm bored with it. i need something new to read about.