Monday, April 9, 2007

Lunch anyone?

The other day I went to Gateway on my lunch break because it was such a beautiful day and I had to get out of the cave that is my office. I shopped and walked around and serously considered not going back to work. However, I thought of my upcoming trips and realized I needed to work as much as I can to fool my boss into giving me more vacation time. Probaby won't happen, but always worth a shot.

Anyway, it was nearing the time for me to head back to work when i realized I needed to get something to eat or I would be snacking from my candy jar all afternoon. I looked around and the only thing that seemed appealing was Haagen Daz. Yes, ice cream for lunch. It sounded fabulous. I waited in line behind the most annoying children that wanted a sample of every single flavor. I quickly became annoyed. The mother was completely oblivious to the fact that her children were holding up the line with their incessent sampling requests. Please tell me that when I become a mother, i won't forget about the single people in line behind me. I waited 10 minutes (literally) before her children finally decided what they wanted. My order took less than a minute and I was out before her.

Yum, my lunch was good! I should make it a weekly ritual. However, now summer is around the corner, I can only imagine how many more children will be at Haagen Daz with their mothers in the middle of the day. The thought of that turns me off of ice cream completely.

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alisa said...

this is awesome. ice cream for lunch. so classic natalie. this must be why we are friends. thanks!