Monday, May 7, 2007

Cinco de Mayo + Jazz = PARTY!

This past Saturday was one very important day. #1 The Jazz were playing the Houston Rockets in the ever so important game 7 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs and #2 It was Cinco de Mayo. My friends planned a party in celebration of the two events. We started out the evening with a delicious spread of enchiladas, chips, salsa and some very good guac. We all headed downstairs to watch the Jazz game.

At half time it was time to make some margaritas. Well, our mormon version of margaritas that is. Pretty much it was a combination of fruit, ice, sprite and some margarita mix. Adam had a vision for his ever so large vase and we decided to fill up the vase and use it as the margarita container. We got away with only one major spill.

With the vase as full as we could possible get it (or whatever, it would take forever to fill that thing up) - we served and drank!

The second half of the Jazz game was super intense and for a few minutes I feared the worst. BUT, our Jazz pulled off a victory and it was on to further celebration. Since the party was at Ratha and Justin's house, they turned on their sauna for a late night celebration sweat. Within minutes of the Jazz victory, Adam and Justin had stripped naked and in their celebratory robes. I will have you know Justin was once my home teacher. And now, all that separated his nakedness from me was a thin terry cloth robe.

We lit fireworks, did sparklers and had a pinata to finish off the evening. The cops came, but no harm done. Apparently lighting fireworks in the middle of a residential area at 11:30 pm is a no no. Who would have guessed?


Brooke Pettegrew said...

That sounds like tons of fun... and you said you didn't do anything eventful this weekend!!

Nicole said...

ah, cinco do fun!

although i have to say that whoever that guy is in the second photo sitting on the floor next to your chair has SCARILY long legs. seriously, look at those babies--they go on for days!

Natalie said...

Nicole - the guy with the freakishly long legs (or so it seems in the picture) is Ratha Jetti. Do you remember him from high school?

Nicole said...

wow, i really don't remember him. should i?