Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Love Carbohydrates!

I do. I love carbohydrates. I couldn't live without them. I could never do the Atkins diet or even The South Beach diet. Life would not be worth living if I couldn't eat my carbs. Therefore, when I saw this new cookbook at the local Barnes and Noble, I had to buy it. My two great loves: Carbohydrates and a book solely dedicated to carbohydrates.

I haven't decided what recipe I will try first, but I am sure they are all delicious! Next time you see me, if I am 20 pounds heavier, you will know what did it to me :)


Lori said...

I love carbs too. I prefer carbs to chocolate actually :)

I love giada too. My little niece is obsessed with her and has been since she was 4. She owns the DVDs! Funny. Post the recipes that are good!

alisa said...

good call lori, make natalie break the law. what she should do is make the recipes that are good when she invites us over for dinner. now that's a great idea!

do you love carbs more than boys?

Natalie said...

My love for boys varies day by day. Today due to recent discoveries - I don't like them very much. So, on days where I don't like boys, I love my carbs more.