Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guilty Pleasures...

Some of you might know me so well that none the below "guilty pleasures" are a surprise...but maybe not.

1. ABCFamily movies - ABC Family has some seriously good original movies. I became hooked years ago when I watched one called, This Time Around. It was about a cute PR Executive that gets put on a new account her firm aquired. Turns out her client just happens to be her junior high crush that tortured her and made her switch schools from embarrassment. Brian Austin Green from Beverely Hills 90210 plays the client. Another favorite is Lucky 7. This one even features Dr. McDreamy... a.k.a Patrick Dempsy.

2. Apple Beer - Yes. I like to sit in my couch and open up a bottle of Apple Beer every once and a while. It tastes much like sparkling cider, but a little less tart. Plus, i love looking at people's faces when they see me holding a bottle and for a split second think it is actual beer.

3. Online Shopping - Online shopping is the best. Once you order something, you have to wait. Yes, that is the annoying part. BUT, the best part is driving down my street to see a bright shiny package (ok, not really, more like a ugly brown package) sitting on my porch. It is like Christmas morning. I seriously get that giggly feeling in my stomach. A package delievered right to my front door! It's the best!

4. Chocolate - nuf' said.

5. French Fries - I have an addiction. I love french fries. I think I could eat them everyday. i could probably tell you all the good french fry joints around the valley. Recently I have been craving Crown Burger fries. Man, those are good.

6. Clean Laundry - I love the smell of fresh, clean laundry. I will admit that sometimes I like it so much I don't put my laundry away. I keep it in the basket and let it sit at the foot of my bed. Oh wait, that part has to do with laziness too. But, I recently found (thanks to Megan) the best smelling fabric softener. Purchased at Hip & Humble, "Beach something or other" (I can't remember the name) will now be constantly stocked in my laundry room. There is nothing better than putting on a fresh, clean, good smelling piece of clothing. I guess this isn't so much a "guilty pleasure" - more like just a "pleasure".

7. PerezHilton.com - For those that get offended easily, this is not the site for you. However, for trashy celeb gossip, this is the site for you. i visit it daily. Mainly in the mornings when I first get to work. That way i can impress people with my knowledge of celeb on-goings so early in the morning.

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies - Don't judge me. I started liking these movies years ago. So what if I started liking them when i was 20?? I mainly like the ones where they are teenagers and go on some sort of adventure. Both girls ususally end up with some sort of lame love interest. I blame this "guilty pleasure" on the fact that I grew up watching Full House. I guess I owe it to the Olson twins to watch these movies.

9. Chick-flick Books - There is nothing better than reading a light, easy read after a long day of work. I believe I have become the queen of finding great "chick-flick" books over the years. My favorites include, Can You Keep a Secret, Emily's Reason's Why Not, Always a Bridesmaid, Confessions of a Shop-a-holic....the list could go on.

10. TV shows like The Hills and Laguna Beach - Normally I don't watch MTV, but for these two shows, i set the DVR months before. There is nothing like watching rich, spoiled white kids fight over boys, money, clothes and boys. When does the next season start? I better check my TV!

I hope each of you that read this entry feel like you know me just a little bit better. For those of you that have a blog, post your guilty pleasures so I can get to know you a little better :)


diania said...

I am totally obsessed with the Olsen Twins. If you were cool and watched Weeds on Showtime then you could see Mary Kate all next season without Ashley. I can't wait. I bet she is going to cry every night being seperated from Ashley.

alisa said...

i giant heart abc family movies. i really really really want to buy this time around on dvd. i have a taped copy that is super low quality, plus i don't have a vcr. i miss it and just want to watch it all the time.

gamine said...

Oh my goodness. I super giant heart the abc family movies! My favorite movie of all time - Lucky 7. This movie made fall in love with Patrick Dempsey all over again. I also am obsessed with The Hills - I can't get enough of the ridiculous drama.

Nicole said...

wow, some of those really are GUILTY pleasures...the olsen twins? really? ah well, i guess i'm not much better. i have wanted to see that haunted mansion movie ever since it came out, just because i love the ride at disneyland. ridiculous, i know. oh, and the french fries? i totally knew that one--remember mcdonalds? ha.

Lori said...

Hahaha. Man, my secret shame is VERY similar. I won't admit to which, but let's say there's about a 80% match to yours.

OK, I'll admit to ABC Family movies (since I've already admitted to Alisa) Lucky 7 is great and I can't remember all the rest, but I've seen the other one you mentioned like twice. :)

gurrbonzo said...

HAHAHA!!! I don't know about the Olsen twins (insert barf noise) but if you like perezhilton, you must love www.gofugyourself.com. If you haven't seen it, you must. Mean and funny.