Monday, June 18, 2007

The Odds Were in Our Favor....Sometimes

This past weekend my ward took a day trip down to do a session in the Manti temple and attend the annual Manti pageant. Since 2 1/2 hours each way is a lot to drive in one day, me, Kenzi, Justin, Adam and Sammy decided to make it a weekend affair and headed down Friday after work and camped it. Adam has a family place down there so we decided to camp out on his front lawn under the stars. Adam packed up one of his 4-wheelers to bring down, however we ended up not having time. Such a shame, it would have been so much fun to tool around Manti on 4-wheelers!

The next morning we got up and met up with everyone from the ward at the temple.

(After looking at this picture, the odds definitely were not in our favor. With the whole ward together, the ratio of boys to girls was probably 1:6. Awesome!)

After the session, we headed back to Adam's place to change our clothes and meet everyone for a BBQ. There happened to be a garage sale at a house right by Adam's and so we stopped and the boys had some fun. Each item was 25 cents. If you bought 10 items, you could have all of them for $1. So the boys bought 10 items - matching shirts and all. They planned to wear said matching shirts to the BBQ and pageant. I was reminded of my elementary school days where my friends and I would plan to wear matching outfits to school. Little did I know that guys in their late 20's and early 30's did the same thing! It was quite comical actually.

The BBQ was great, the pageant was great, it was all just great. After the pageant we camped it again on Adam's lawn and headed back Sunday morning. My favorite part of the whole weekend is when we would lay out our stuff to sleep at night. Kenzi and I would go inside to get ready for bed, and we would come out and the boys had separated us (me and kenz). Apparently, we had to sleep boy girl, boy girl - boy. The odds were definitely in our favor. However, as much as a good scandalous story would really top off this weekend, I have to report that we all behaved ourselves.

It was a fabulous weekend full of friends, laughter and lots of good memories. Hopefully there will be more fun road trips this summer!


diania said...

I am very disappointed that you behaved yourself. Sleeping in between 2 guys!!! Under the beautiful Manti sky? I'll just go along with my last comment.... "wow".

Amy Buff said...

It was a fun trip! I'm gonna steal your copy of the group pic to put on my blog...Ok?

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Natalie, that is SO funny that your dad knows my husband and that you guys are members at Hidden Valley! It IS a small world! I told Weston about your comment and once I told him your last name he said, "Kim Harris! I know him well, he is a great guy!" He would love to give you golf lessons anytime. I've been learning as well...although I totally suck right now! Oh well. Anyway, it looks like you've been having a fun to pics of Manti!

Nicole said...

ah, the odds.

so are you dating any of these people? i think that butt guy looks like a good bet... :)

Natalie said...

Not dating any of these yahoos. Just friends :) The butt guy is my old home teacher. I thought taking that picture would be appropriate for future home teachers and the standards that I will hold them to ;)

gurrbonzo said...

"No scandals"??? then what's with the HICKEY!???