Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy 4th of July

With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year, I felt sad that I couldn't spend it up in Bear Lake with my family like I normally do. First of all, Tuesday felt like a Friday to me, Wednesday felt like a Saturday and yesterday felt like a Monday. Freak! What day is it? My body is all out of wack.

Instead of our usual Bear Lake activities, my family went up Millcreek to have a little BBQ and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. It was so much fun! Later that night we went down to Stadium of Fire to hear Brooks and Dunn and watch an amazing fireworks show.

Me and Alex:

Hailey and Chandler:

Alex doing his business:

As Brooks and Dunn were performing, I took a trip down memory lane to February 2002. Katelyn and I went to the Brooks and Dunn performance at the Medals Plaza during the Olympics and managed to get our cute selves on the big jumbo-traun about 10 times. Katelyn even made it so far as to flag down Steve Young, the MC for the night, and tell him she was from Boston - just so she could get on the big screen.

Anyway, back fo 2007. As much as I was dreading a trip down to P-town, Stadium of Fire was actually a lot of fun. Of course, we parked like 10 miles away and then practically ran to our car after the show was over. This plan actually worked because we were back in the City of the Salt in 45 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I too am all messed up with the order of this week. I'm just glad that it's friday. And, I am having vague memories of being at the B&D concert with you and Katelyn. I remember Steve Young, and that you both knew all the songs and danced like no one was watching! Too bad, you were too shy doing the "gamma dance" at the U game. Man, that was an ugly routine! p.s. your bangs are so dang cute.

Natalie said...

How on earth did I forget that Beth was with us during the Olympics?? So very sorry!

And yes, that Gamma dance was hideous! Who made that up? I always want to get on the jumbo-traun, but then when I do, i get all embarrassed!

Nicole said...

so who is chandler?