Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Call it Old School

I like to claim that I was once ahead of the times when I got my first iPod. The date = July 19, 2004. That's right, I have had an iPod for almost 3 years to the date. I told myself I could have been an Apple saleswomen because I was so in love with my iPod. I got my iPod for my birthday (which is July 21st - few short days away) a few days earlier because I was going out of town and I needed the cool gift for my trip. However, since Apple likes to update their gadgets every 6 months (or so it seems), I was unaware that their new and improved iPod was actually coming out on my birthday. So, needless to say, I was one of the poor saps who gets the old model right before the new one comes out.

An actually image of what my iPod looks like:

Since then, I have yet to buy a new iPod. Therefore, I call myself "Old School". I kind of like having a smaller, black and grey screen that can't hold TV shows, images of CD covers or any other cool features that the iPods of now can do.

For Halloween last year, I dressed up as an iPod shadow with my two friends, Brooke and Kristine. You can totally see the dated iPod that is mine in this picture. You might call it ghetto, but I call it "old school".

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Vic and Lindsay said...

Yes you are Old school. Or I am just out of date but I just got my first and am LOVING it! Wish I would of got one sooner. Hope you are doing well!