Friday, July 27, 2007


My life is a bit hectic at the moment, and I don't really have too much time to blog - but I thought I needed to give a post to my lovely friend Mackenzi.

Mackenzi and I became friends a year ago when she moved in to the house. What I would do without her I just don't know?? She has become my partner in crime, my late night laughing buddy and most importantly, my right arm. We have the same last name. We are known to many as the "Harris sisters". We are not related. However, we tell people we are cousins because we know somewhere down the line we have to be related. It's just easier that way. People get confused that we live in the same house and have the same last name, but aren't sisters. Crazy how that happens!

Mackenzi threw me a surprise party on Wednesday night for my birthday. Boy was I surprised. I had no clue. Thanks Kenz! You are the best! I didn't take that many pictures of the great event, but here are a few!

I asked my friend Sammy if he "wanted a piece" of cake - and of course he turned it dirty. We took a picture.


Anonymous said...

Natalie, you look so dang cute, I'm tempted to get bangs. I however do not have the great tan you do. I guess my time at the kiddie pool isn't cutting it. Happy Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

oh and p.s.
Love that Sammy Fan. And leave it to him...he came up with the other "Gamma Rays"

Nicole said...

i'm glad you had a fun surprise party to top off the birthday. 25 is a big deal, don't you think?

hey, by the way, didn't that guy go to our high school?

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat - you look great! It was fun chatting last week! Hope to see you soon! Love, Katie
PS - I gave Rhett your number! :)

diania said...

Why wasn't I invited?