Monday, September 24, 2007

I love you, but you embarrass me

That is my stance on the Utes this year. I will always love and support Utah and their athletic department, but after this weekend, I am deeply embarrassed, frustrated and angry with my beloved Utes. A loss... to UNLV? And right after the amazing win against UCLA? Like the drunk man yelled behind me at the game this last weekend, COME ON! This is UNLV we are losing to!

This past weekend my family + Chandler headed down to Sin City to support our Utes in their game against UNLV.

A six hour drive stuffed in the family suburban was almost too much to handle. I was glad I had my camera to entertain myself.. and my siblings:

Thanks to Mackenzi and her employment at Marriott, we got the friends and family rate at the Marriott Suites and were comfortable separated by a "boys room" and a "girls room". I felt sorry for Chandler and the fact that he was stuck in a room with my two younger, smelly, snoring prone brothers. What a trooper!

Saturday we did the usual Vegas activities. We hit the tables. Since Alex was the only member under 21, we sent him to the arcade. Ok, maybe not. And maybe we didn't hit the tables either.

A typical Harris vacation usually revolves around food. So, our only plan that morning was to be at The Cheesecake Factory by 11:30ish for lunch. We decided to go walk around the Wynn.

I love the trees and flower balls they have hanging in the main entrances.

I also think these...whatever they are... are the coolest things ever. The move up and down at random.

After looking around the Wynn and also heading down to Mandalay Bay to hit the Urban Outfitters, it was finally time to eat lunch. Yum, Cheesecake Factory. We definitely weren't the only Utah fans that had this plan - for there was a large table of about 20 Utah fans already seated by the time we got there.

After lunch we drove out to Primm to the great outlet mall they have out there. We did some shopping, met up with some of our cousins that drove up from Phoenix for the game, and then rode the roller coaster at Buffalo Bills. I don't know why I rode it. I already had a headache and that ride I swear, is so shaky that my brain actually gets moved around. It is not a pleasant experience.

This picture is supposed to include the sign above us saying "Desperado Roller Coaster", but it was cut out. And the next picture we took that actually had it in it, didn't oh well.

Our next plan was to eat at In-n-Out burger. And it just so happened that there was one very close to the game. So, again, we ate.

We then headed to the game... and that is when the trip turned ugly. I had every intention of taking lots and lots of pictures, but with the Utes embarrassing themselves and frustrating their fans, I only took one shot. This was taken at half time when there was still hope in my heart.

Utah... I love you, but you embarrass me. Fingers crossed that we can at least, beat Utah State this weekend. It's Homecoming from goodness sake!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a really fun weekend (despite the loss)! Let the family tradition carry on!




Nicole said...

ah, you and the utes. i never understood the raging loyalty there, but i'm glad you had a good trip. and on a side note, i've never heard of a real person (other than the "friends" character) named chandler. how fun.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Nat, I love reading your blog, you are so funny! I love how you go on weekend trips almost every weekend, so fun - also love the hat!

alisa said...

i'm an aggie. i'm proud of my school. i love my school. however, our football team is notorious for sucking. so, i do expect you to pull off that win. if you don't, i will mock you endlessly. you should write a strongly worded letter to each member of the utah football team informing them of the shame and disgrace that will be headed your way should they choose to lose against my aggies.

K8 said...

Why hello! Mighty big thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Let's be honest. Everyone stalks everyone, all right? We are all guilty stalkers... not convicted, though..:))

Prague is wonderful- is this your first time there? My man and I went in May all over my mission (eastern Germany) and hit up Prague, Austria, etc. When do you leave? You are more then welcome to email me if you have any q's at

Hey- you are also chums with my sister in law- Gurr dog. Love her.

Thanks again for the comment. Keep in touch. Your blog is funny. I love the, "I love you, but you embarress me". I echo you. I echo

Katie (Cannon) Miller

Jason, Sara, & London said...

Ok, so even though it was so sad the Utes lost, it would have been all worth it to me to eat at In & Out and Cheesecake in one weekend. Nummy!!!

Diania said...

Seriously the ONLY reason I go to Vegas is for the Cheesecake Factory and In and Out Burger. Why did you even go to a Football game. What a waste of time!

Vic and Lindsay said...

Such a die hard ute fan. I am a little disappointed too. :( I loved the ride in Buffalo Bills. Having said that, it was 10+ years ago. And yeah for Cheesecake Factory it is almost finished here. But I am staying away for awhile it will be soo packed.

Jeff said...

Believe it or not, I'm pretty sick of the Cheesecake Factory and In-n-Out. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing! Also, the Utes have always been a disappointment, that's why you need to go BLUE... Go COUGS!!!