Monday, September 17, 2007

Where have all the cowboys gone?

... Please sing the title of this post like the song from Paula Cole and you might feel the full effect of this post. Ok, not really. But it might get you in the mood..

This past Saturday I went to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Literally, it was the middle of nowhere. Somewhere a hour outside of Evanston, Wyoming, my lady friends and I drove to a cabin in our quest to branch out and meet new people. What would make this story really cool is if none of us knew anyone at this cabin and headed up there on a whim. But alas, Kenzi's little sister's ex-boyfriend invited us up. I love random connections.

As we drove further and further out into the wild Wyoming wilderness, Brooke said something to the effect of, "Well, I hope these boys aren't serial killers. Because if they are, we will never be found." True statement. No cell service, no parents that know exactly where we are and no one at home worrying about where we are. With that said, we were really excited to go.

The boys had made us a delicious dinner of shish-kabobs, potatoes and corn. Very impressive. We played games, roasted marshmallows by the fire and got to know a new group of people.

One of the guys was getting tired around 1 a.m. and became deeply concerned about the sleeping arrangements. Who would sleep where and who would sleep by who (or whom... don't ask me which is correct)??? So I asked him, "Are you worried that if you go to bed now, none of us girls will come join you?" And yes, that was his concern. I think he envisioned the evening ending a lot different than it did. He had it all worked out in his head - and his plan went miserably wrong - the girls all ended up in beds together and the boys on the couches. Mackenzi told him that next time, she would bring sluttier friends.

I took no pictures of this weekends adventure. I am deeply saddened by my lack of picture taking, as I am sure you are too.


alisa said...

are you kidding me? you have got to quit your job if it is so busy that this is all i get!

Nicole said...

so you didn't take that cool wyoming picture? dang, and i was all set to compliment it.

so, um, i'm glad they weren't serial killers.

Diania said...

Now that the boys realized you weren't slutty, they are wishing they were serial killers. I can't believe you ruined his night!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Too bad you didn't take pictures of those interesting guys! I love hearing about all the fun trips you go on - too bad you can't squeeze one more side trip to Dubai and Egypt! ;)

Vic and Lindsay said...

Another amazing adventure. Sounds like they were typical guys??