Friday, November 9, 2007

Flashback Friday - Spring Ballet Performance "Thumbalina" 1996

I took ballet for 8 years. My first ballet class was when I was in 3rd grade. I had gone to The Nutcracker with my mom and had seen a family friend play the role as one of the party girls. From that point on, I became obsessed with becoming a professional ballet dancer. Clearly, this dream did not come to fruition - mainly because by the time I was 15, my ballet schedule was interfering with my social schedule. Friends and boys clearly were more important than my life long dream of becoming a ballerina.

Anyway, this picture was taken after the last performance of Thumbalina with Children's Ballet Theater (CBT). My BFF Nicole (shown in the picture) and I were inseparable. We had decided that at the mature age of 14, our ballet careers at CBT had reached it's climax and we were off to bigger and better things. Ballet West Conservatory. Or, otherwise known as my careers' demise - but that is clearly another story.

My ego had soared to such a toxic level that I thought I was one of the best dancers at CBT. I mean, I was in 3 different dances during this performance. An unheard of number at the time. Gosh, the cover of the program should have read:


Natalie Harris
Top Ballerina of 1996

What I remember most about this performance was the costumes. We were all very concerned about the low cut leotards and the fact that our cleavage would show. Yes, I said cleavage. Apparently I had some at 14. Or, I just thougt I did. Whatever. It was a grave concern. However, no ones boobs felt out during the performance and I went away happy knowing that my last dance with CBT went well.

Two years after this picture was taken, my ballet career ended. I am still sad to this day that I no longer dance and/or feel the rush of adrenaline as the stage curtain opens and the music begins. I heart ballet.


Diania said...

Because you need that rush of adrenaline, I've let the office know that you will doing a solo performance of Thumbalina after dinner at our office Christmas party.

Don't worry if your grand plie isn't good. Or if you fall when you do your famous grand jete at the end of your performance, at least 50% of your audience will be drunk by then.

The Beck Family said...

Not only were you inseperable but ... well nevermind!! I'm sure glad you chose that picture not the seaguls or beetles (you were in that class weren't you?)!!! The good days at CBT! I love your flashback fridays!

Nicole said...

NO WAY did you post that picture on your blog. i am seriously going to drive up there and murder you in your sleep. why oh why were we poking out butts out like that?

i TOTALLY remember the cleavage phobia--they would get all mad at us for adjusting our leotards during rehearsals. and i seem to remember another cleavage related event a few years later with a man named peter...

incidentally, i am going to retaliate one of these days. i have A LOT of old pictures of you, ballet and otherwise. you just wait.

Natalie said...

It would be more like 85% of the people at our christmas party would be drunk... so I might consider.

Thank you for not mentioning that I was a total brat and you probably hated me during this time at CBT.

Seriously, this is the best picture. I laughed hystericallly when I found it and knew instantly that I must post it.

Oh, and I went to the ballet last night actually and Peter was in it. I giggled to myself and checked to see if I was all "in". I was.

Kathryn (Biesinger) Oblad said...

Hi! Somehow, I stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist posting a comment. I'm not sure if you would remember me, but this is Kathryn Biesinger (now Oblad) from your CBT past. Anyway, just wanted to say 'hello' to you and all the other CBT alums, and join in on the reminiscing.

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

The good old days at CBT! I think I must have switched Ballet studios before the Thumbalina production because I don't remember that performance (I only remember the dreaded lady bug and beatles performance...oh, and the roses). Funny stuff!

youngfam said...

So awesome!! Wow there were lots of us at CBT! You guys look so beautiful in your low cut leo =)

Also about the mouse... if you have a pair (male and female) watch out! They reproduce like crazy. (don't worry i don't know this from a personal experience) I would seriously go OCD with the traps for a while!!

Sarah said...

My ballet career ended when the witch of an instructor claimed that I'd "never be a ballerina if I bit my nails". That shouldn't have been a big deal to me, but that was it. On the plus side, she now looks like the wicked witch queen from Snow White, all hunched over, pointy, and pale.