Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drama in other people's lives is great.

I have come to realize that my life is pretty boring.  I am not really complaining because if my life gets too difficult, I get stressed out and then I start crying.  And so to keep the waterworks show at a minimum, I try to keep my life drama free.

Let's not get confused with that fact that I love drama happening to other people.  

One time, I was talking to a friend and he was telling me about a love triangle with a few people we know.  It was a great tale and I was happy that he was letting me in on this very interesting drama.  Some people might call it gossiping, I call it informing. I need to be informed. I just do.


So, as this friend finished up telling me about this love triangle, he said: 

"It's this kind of shit* that gets me out of bed in the morning."

I agreed.  And then asked him if I could "inform" Mackenzi of this story. Because I consider Mackenzi my spouse.  And, as everyone knows, you share things with your spouse.  AND a story like this was pretty much beyond my ability to hold in. I would have to tell someone. 

Luckily, the next day, Mackenzi and I were able to witness this love triangle at it's climax. It was more than I ever could have wished for. It was like watching my very own live reality tv show. There was tears. There was laughter. But most importantly, there was drama.  

And with that, my life was complete.  

*Editors note: third party swearing is acceptable on this blog.


Diania said...

Wow this blog is rated R.

Mar said...

Watching other peoples' lives go up in flames really is enjoyable.

Kristine said...

Now I just want to know who is involved in this love triangle???

Amy said...

That's precisely what we were telling April last night. It's not gossiping, it's relaying information.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Awesome!!! Yes, we will most definitely be here sweltering in the 100 degree heat. Are you coming solo or with fam? you are welcome to stay here. When are you thinking of coming? Lindsay, Tay, and Fin are coming the tuesday before memorial day and staying until friday - then her fam comes on friday and they are staying in scottsdale until mon (memorial day) or tues - so let me know when you are coming and if you want to stay here, I would LOVE it!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

oh and ps - i love the term "sharing information' vs gossip - I'll have to use that with spence next time!

alisa said...

mackenzie is your spouse? good thing i don't get jealous!

Sarah said...

I kind of have to know who was in the love triangle even though there is not even the slightest chance that I will know who they are!!! My favorite words are "OMG, you will never guess what I heard today about.....!!!" And then at the end of the story I have to say "Are you kidding me?"