Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have 1/2 a swim suit and 1/2 my pride

My friends Sammy and Justin have a sauna in their basement. It has become a Thursday night ritual to attend “sweat night” at their house. “Sweat night” consists of getting in the sauna where the temperature pushes upwards of 150 degrees. Probably even higher. I would have to consult Justin or Sammy about that. Whatever. It is just hot. You stay in the sauna right until you feel like you are about to pass out – you then run upstairs and outside to a troth (and I say that literally) filled with ice cold water. You submerge yourself in the water for at least 30 seconds. After which, you lay out on the ground while your entire body spins. It is the only way for us good Mormon kids to get the feeling of being high without a trip to the bishops office. Sounds insane, I know. But honestly it is very relaxing.

So, a couple of weeks ago I accidentally left my swimsuit bottoms at their house. The next day, Justin emailed me to tell me that he had left my swim suit bottoms where he found them. I asked him, “Are they in your bathroom?” He said, “yes, on the counter. They haven’t moved.”

The next week I had other plans on Thursday evening and therefore did not attend “sweat night”. I was hoping that Justin had moved my swim bottoms and placed them somewhere not so public – I wasn’t so lucky. In a conversation with Justin the next day he told me, “your swim suit bottoms were the source many questions last night.” I told him to please move them until I was able to come over.

I called Justin earlier last week. This was our conversation:

Natalie: So, are my swimsuit bottoms still in the same spot?
Justin: Nope
Natalie: Well, where are they?
Justin: It’s a secret
Natalie: Do you mean, you have hidden them under your pillow and sleep with them ever night kind of secret?

Justin: No. But that did just give me a good idea
Natalie: Seriously, though, where are they?
Justin: It’s a secret.

I gave up after this. It was like talking to a two year old. Eventually word leaked as to where my swim bottoms had been placed:

Displayed prominently over the beautiful picture montage of Justin, right next to the front door, was my swim suit. I kind of feel like Samantha from Sixteen Candles when she gives her panties to the dork. Given, I didn't give my panties to Justin. But he has displayed them like I did.


Anonymous said...

funny natalie, too funny!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

That's funny! Those are super cute swim suit bottoms!

Kristine said...

I love it! I'm glad you waited a couple days to post that, it gave me a good chuckle this morning.

ChrisandKate said...

What a gas. You should feel proud of this moment that your swim trunks made it to the front door entry way frame.

I am back blogging, indeed. It was quite the dry spell there for a while, but sure enough, I am in the blogging pool again, stalking and everything in all its glory. We are internet friends, my friend. Keep BS'in.