Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apparently, I can scream like a 13 year old girl

Last week (or maybe the week before) David Archuleta was in town.  I didn't really care.  Yes, I have watched this season of American Idol. Yes, I think he is adorable. And yes, If I was 16 I would have a mad crush, convince myself that David A and I were somehow meant to be and then enroll myself in school at Murray High. 

Luckily I am neither 16 or a stalker.  Whew! 

I however am 25 and a working woman. I do my best to act like the adult I am supposed to be in order to gain respect from my seniors.  Nevertheless, you wouldn't know that because when my coworker came running up to my desk saying, "David A is at the Gateway and we are heading over - want to come?" I popped my gum, twirled my hair in my hand and said, "OMG, that sounds so fun!"

In all honesty, I thought we would be able to walk right into the AT&T store where David A apparently was, give him a wave and then go back to work.  I certainly underestimated the teenage girls in this state and their ability to skip school - because the Gateway was swarming with pre-adolescent teens.

I of course wore my 3 1/2 inch heels this day and was far behind the rest of my work friends when the screaming started. Before I knew what was happening, I was running like the rest of them. I didn't even know why I was running. 

But then I saw it. The limo that our very own David A was in.  We waited. And waited a little longer.  I turned to see my co-worker climbing the lamp post:

Note: actual shot of my co-worker. I don't make this shiz up.

It was madness.

And then, like the pop star that he is, David A came out of the top of the limo.  The girls went WILD! Honestly, I had a minor flashback to my N'SYNC obsession days.  Oh, what it was like to be 13 and in love with a pop star. Life was bliss!

My group followed the masses like cattle.  I will admit, my camera phone is pretty cool.  It took some fun shots.

David drove way, the crowd disbursed and I went back to work. Thanks David A for coming back to Utah. Thank you Agency X for not caring that 6 of your employees disappeared for 30 minutes. And thank you pre-adolescent girls for reminding me how easy it is to ditch school.  Life is good. 


Stephanie said...

thanks for commenting on the blog-o

i've been secrectly stalking yours for awhile off of marianne's. hysterical.

Mar said...

I'd watch out for that Nielson girl, she'll find you in person to see what you look like. LOL!

I had a perfect track record for not watching Idol for probably five years and then the YW made me sit through the ENTIRE finale last night. And they all kept saying, "Who's ZZ Top?" "Who are Crosby, Stills, and Nash?" "Who is George Micael? "Who's Donna Summer?"

My only question is, "What the hell is wrong with Paula Abdul?"

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Did you seriously get those pictures with your camera? You must have been pretty close because those are some great shots!! I just saw it all on the news. Crazy. I can't believe how many people were at the Gateway when he came!!

MandoRama said...

When do you think he will realize that he's gay? (David A., not your co-worker who took the photo, although, now that I think about it . . . )

Diania said...

I'm sure Wednesday was a sad day at Agency X.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Love that you went there...

Now I found something this past week while jess and linds were visiting and I believe this may even beat out all the flashback friday posts - the "barbie girl" video! No joke... you cracked me up. "come on barbie, let's go party!!!"

The Tingey's said...

Nat! I always love reading your blog- you're a hoot! hey are you dating anyone? You wanna go on a double date with me hubby's bro and me and my hubby? Hope you are doing well! Say hi to your cute grandma for me! I still think about how sweet she was when I talked to her on the phone and when she emailed me about the apartment she had for rent. Take care- I am serious about the double date thing!

Kimberly said...

I think you are hilarious! David A doesn't do it for me, but if it were David C I would heve been there in a heartbeat, surrounded by other soccer moms, apparently. I'm not sure how I found you (a link from a link from my sister's blog I think), but I hope you don't mind my reading!