Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Luckily, I can afford 99 cents

The other day I was driving to my parents house for Alex's birthday dinner. He was turning 19. It had finally just hit me that soon he would be leaving us to serve his mission and I would lose my little buddy for 2 years. I was on the verge of tears. I seem to be on verge of tears most these days. It's either Alex leaving, Hailey getting married or just life's little speed bumps.

And just went I thought all was lost in the world, I saw this billboard:

99 cent X-Large drink at McDonalds

So, I might not have taken this picture right when I saw it. I might have seen it this morning on my way to work, taken a detour on my lunch break, got on the freeway and took the picture - for the sole purpose of this post. I was going to drive to Holladay to take a picture of the first billboard I saw, but when I saw this billboard this morning I instantly thought, "If anyone asks me if I have lunch plans, my answer is yes."

So, moral of the story: Not all is lost. Alex gets to go be awesome, Hailey gets to be married and give me an awesome brother-in-law (and two INCREDIBLE cute kids to be my instant niece and nephew) and I get to be single, date super hot guys*, go on lots of fun trips, stay up way to late, laugh with my girlfriends and drink unhealthy amounts of Coca Cola.


*If you know any super hot, eligible, trustworthy, nice, caring, priesthood holding, non-dramatic men - send them my way.


Mar said...

McDonalds never ceases to offer hope in these dark times.

your fav. bro said...
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your fav. bro said...

what you all sad about? we've been waiting for this day since the beginning of time (or just the extent of the harris family existance) us brunettes will now rule the harris family, strawberry jam and all

cat.janer said...

No, Natalie. YOU are awesome. You AND Diet Coke. I must suggest you try a Sonic Coca Cola, though. They are unreal and so worth the $1.82. The End.

Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't nice when life's problems can be solved with 99 cents?

Miranda said...

I admire the extent to which you will go for the sake of your blog and, of course, your loyal readers.

The Beck Family said...

I don't think it's Alex leaving or Hailey getting married. I think you're pregnant, and Coke isn't a good thing for the baby :) Ok, maybe not!! Keep on drinking!