Monday, July 7, 2008

My goal is to make you uncomfortable.

Tonight, I had the following conversation with my friend Justin.

Me: How was FHE?
Justin: It was good. Where were you?
Me: I had a bridal shower for my sister. So, what were the odds tonight? 20 girls to every 1 guy?
Justin: No, it was more like 2 to 1
Me: Oh, not that bad. But you know what, I almost would rather be at FHE than a bridal shower.
Justin: Why?
Me: I just dread all the, "you are so cute, why aren't you married" questions. I never really know what to say to that question.
Justin: Just tell them your gay
Me: uh........
Justin: Yeah, that will shut them up. You should try it.
Me: eh?
Justin: Try the excuse. Don't try being gay.
Me: Ha! That's awesome.

My friend Justin...he is so wise.

Please also note that any family member or person that has ever said, "you are so cute, why aren't you married" - I say, I still love you. I mean, at least you think I am cute.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

I feel so bad for you. Maybe you need to move to Provo. I hear there are some great men down there. Good luck beating the 18 year olds to them though.

The Hanks Family said...

Brilliant! Hey can you have your friend think of something I can say to people when they ask when Jeff and I are going to have kids? Keep up the great posts!

Nicole said...

hey gau, you are so cute. why aren't you married?



I can see why you're not married...marriage sucks! I'm totally kidding, but that's usually what we say when someone asks us how we like being married. James usually plays along too... or when they ask about when the kids are coming, we usually respond with some bizarre malfunction, like an undescended testicle, and we're just waiting for it to drop, or that I have testicular cancer. That always bounces the akwardness right back into their court.


p.s. and you are cute