Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm thinking the fewer words the better

I don't really have that much to say.....well, I do - but I am just to lazy to write. But I hope these pictures will suffice for now.

Bear Lake:

Sadly, the best picture of the weekend had be censored. But actually, I think the censor makes it even funnier:

Austin's birthday was last night. I showed up and immediately started taking pictures. I've turned into that person - that annoying person taking pictures of you when you least expect it. My dad was all, "you and that stupid camera - put it away!"


Weston and Nicole said...

I was actually just wondering, while we were up at Bear Lake last weekend, if you go up there still! I haven't seen any posts about it until now. Are you going up this weekend? Maybe Wes and I will stop by on the 4 wheelers and say hi! I know he would like to say hi to your dad and it would be fun to see you. Love the jumping off the boat pics!

Natalie said...

Sadly we won't be up in BL this weekend. I am missing my favorite time up there...berry days! Eat a raspberry shake for me!