Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Part 3: Jury's still out on who's party was better

Monday night, the wedding dinner was at Al Forno's downtown. It's a quaint little restaurant that served as a very nice setting for a lovely evening. At 7:30 am that day, Hailey called me in tears because my dad had been sick all night with food poisoning and he was practically on his death bed. So, of course I start crying - because I couldn't let Hailey be the only one that was crying. Because crying by yourself is no fun.

By some magical force, my dad had barely enough energy to make it to the wedding dinner. He might have sat there looking like a zombie, but at least he was able to be there.

After the dinner, I notice a small closet towards the front of the restaurant with the door cracked open. Around me, people are mingling and chatting, but I was too distracted by what was going on this room to pay attention to all my family members that I haven't seen in years. Because as I take a closer look, there is a lady sitting on the lap of a gentleman with a mullet and they are watching the Olympics on some 10" tv. The lady notices I am watching them, so I say, "Guess the real party's in there!" Meaning....watching the Olympics is a party. For some reason, the lady thought I meant that sitting on her ghetto co-workers lap was a party and said, "Oh, we like dated like 8 years ago, but we are just good friends now!" And I was all, "Oh, thanks - because I wanted to know your life story."

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