Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am preventing a visit to Betty Ford

I have decided to lay off the sauce for 3 months. And by "sauce" I mean my coca-cola classic. Why on earth would you do something so crazy", you ask? Well, my addiction I fear is leading me down a dangerous path. A path that before you know it, I will be admitting myself into Betty Ford for a crack cocaine addiction. I will tell them, "well, it all started when I couldn't kick my habit of drinking Coke - and then it was all downhill from there."

My three lady friends; Brooke, Abby and Mackenzi are also quitting. Why be miserable if you can't be miserable together? Plus, they drink Diet Coke and so I understand their need to quit. It's disgusting. I wouldn't want to be addicted to that either.

So, being the good friend that I am, I purchased some shirts for them to remind them of our plan.

So, I might need to help Mackenzi. Apparently, some of us are stronger than others :)


Kristine said...

When you say "lay off the sauce" does that mean NO COCA COLA at all?? Or just cutting back a little? Either way I am very proud of you and I will be your cheerleader when times get tough!

Nicole said...

dang. i wouldn't quit d.p. in a million years. you're a brave soul.

chiggidy said...

i totally need that shirt.

and to really be off Diet Coke.