Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's friends like this that lift you up when you're down...

Preface: The following conversation is between my co-worker Nicole and I about our current dating situations

Nicole: Nat, we are both on the same level here.
Me: What? Pretty sure we're not.
Nicole: Uh yea, I have taken like 9,000 steps backwards....I'm on your level now.

awkward silence

Me: Thanks. I feel really good about myself now!

**Sorry to post two dating related conversations right in a row. It's apparently all I talk about. Or, it's all everyone else talks to me about. Either way, it gives me something to blog about.


Erica said...

It feels like it is a common theme in lots of people's lives right now...ugh!

Kelsey said...

YOU!!! I saw o comment on "Seriously So Blessed" and i KNEW it was you before I clicked!! LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! SO happy to run into you!!

Jinny Snow said...

So what happened to Flashback Friday? And what are you doing in your photography class........maybe planning to photograph all the intersting doorways in the city.....or maybe hair styles of October? Or maybe the spooks that will show up at your door in a few weeks>