Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm pretty sure a woman intented this so she could divorce her husband

I know most people might find this repulsive, but I love hot dogs. If I could, I would eat one every day. Ok, well maybe not every day - but at least once a week. If I actually knew how to work a bbq grill, I would probably eat them much more often. Alas, I don't have a bbq or the technical smarts to actually work one. Mental note: find a man by summer that can work a bbq. Also, purchase bbq.

Hold the phone. No need to find a man or purchase a bbq, when I can purchase one of these:

Named, The Hot Diggity Dogger, respectably.

This handy contraption only confirms my decision to not keep a man around.


Christian and Brooke Bowers said...

you're coming tomorrow!!!!!!!

brooklyn Norton said...

are you kidding! men would love this....!

Amy Buff said...

Wow, is that for real? Amazing purchase, but to contradict the man needing analogy, wouldn't that make the best random wedding present ever!?