Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm registered at Sego Lily Spa

A little over a year ago I joined some friends in the small town of Lindon to get massages at the local massage college. When I learned that I would be getting my massage in a huge room separate by white sheets, I cried a little to myself. This was no way to get a massage. I don't really know what I was expecting. A steam room? A nice plush robe? Lemon water served in an ice cold glass? Yes please. I'll take all of the above.

Massage college had none of the above.

However, Sego Lily Spa does. And that is why I have chosen to enter their contest to become the official, Sego Lily Blogger. Because who wouldn't want to write about getting hot oil poured all over their body? Or the pedicure that makes you want to take a week off work and sunbathe in Hawaii? Sign me up. And then don't bother me so I can enjoy my treatments.

Winner of this prestigious title receives FREE spa treatments for an entire year - just for blogging about their experiences.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: I'm single. I may never get married. I may never have a shower thrown for me where I am pampered. So loyal friends, I'm throwing myself a shower - much like Carrie on Sex and the City except instead of registering at Manolo Blahnik, I am entering a contest. And if I am a finalist, your gift will be to vote for me to win. You won't even have to spend any money. How thoughtful am I?

I encourage all to enter here. And by encourage I don't really mean enter, because then my chances of winning will decrease. I mean check out the link, and then tell me how much I truly deserve to become the official, Sego Lily Blogger.


Anonymous said...

I will totally support that! Free pedicures for a year...better than the lottery.

Jinny Snow said...

I would vote for you every day if you would tell me how. I go to the link and they just want me to sign up to blog. Are you SURE you want to do this? The massage I had hurt a lot.

Felicity said...

I would vote for you. Do we vote? You should win.

Natalie said...

Ok, so I have to be picked as a finalist in order for you to vote. Sego Lily will narrow down the field to 5 finalist. Those 5 finalist will receive a "luxurious treatment" that they will then blog about. Those blog posts will be voted on (by you) to determine the winner. Easy breezy.

alisa said...

that's a great marketing idea...you would also be great at blogging about it. since i live in new york and am a huge spa slut, i'll be happy to give you advice anytime!