Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marriage for you. Fried Egg Roll for me.

This last week Austin got himself hitched. I can't believe it came so quickly. I swear it was just yesterday that he was born and the world that I knew as the youngest child disappeared. Confession; I actually don't really remember when he was born, but I am sure it was traumatic. I mean, when Austin was born I really wanted a younger sister. Hailey wanted a younger brother. My parents made a deal with us that if he was in fact, a boy - then Hailey would be the first one to hold him. And if he had been a girl, I would be the first one. Well, he came. And he was a he. But, being 4 years old I threw a wild tamper-tantrum and was able to hold him first. My powers of manipulation were strong at the young age of 4. Or I was just really bratty. Pretty sure it was the latter.

Anyway, Wednesday night was the wedding dinner at Hidden Valley. My parents put on a lovely dinner. Austin and Sarah couldn't have seemed any happier. And I couldn't have been more thrilled to break my "fitness plan" and eat half a dozen fried egg rolls.

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Jinny Snow said...

A night to remember. The black and white
table settings, the profusion of flowers, the view of the spring time mountains, the tender toasts, the dinner ending in hot fudge sundaes and the pleasure of seeing a happy couple who couldn't manage to stop smiling.

Did I mention the presence if a good looking young woman who takes great pictures?