Monday, June 8, 2009

First things first: Where's the bathroom?

I am a relatively wussy person. I usually don't do things that could hurt me unless I am with people that give me no choice. I am pretty sure it all stems from my inability to turn right on my bike when I was 6 years old. Needless to say, I have friends that like to do stupid things -which I have blogged about here and here and which I have clearly been roped into on more than one occasion.

This last weekend was no exception. I almost wet myself from an experience up Big Cottonwood Canyon.
I'm still not quite sure how we ended up here, but I got out of the truck and considered walking down the canyon. Ok, I do know how we got in this position. We had been trying to take Guardsman Pass from Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon. The gate on the PC side was open, but it looks like someone forgot to unlock the gate up BCC. Way to go, Mr. Ranger. You made us miss our movie.

I am pretty sure the boys were convinced that Adam's rental truck could fit through the side of the gate. I was pretty sure they were crazy. But, I tried to boost their self esteem and so I encouraged this idea. As if two male brains weren't enough, we were joined by a group of teenagers that thought this was a brilliant plan. It turned into a production when Lead Teenager #1 started building a rock wall for the front tire to roll over.

(random teenagers & Adam)
This is when my ultra wussy side took over and I was all, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Ok, that's a lie. But I was cold and wanted to get back in the truck.

(Carrie & me freezing)
Eventually we turned around and headed back towards Park City. But, that's not before we dropped the kids off at a random camp spot. And when they got our of the truck the first thing LT#1 said was, "Right on! I've already mapped out where I'm going to poop!"

Yes! I'm glad that was taken care of first. Priorities, man. I can respect that.

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Brooke Woodall said...

Nat, how come I never see news about you and Kenzi anymore?

Looks like you're having so much fun these days!