Monday, February 1, 2010

Soon, the Dallas Cowboy fans will hate me instead of Jessica Simpson.

While in Dallas for work this last weekend, my boss and I were able to get some really important business done. And by important business, I mean taking a tour of Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

This is me visiting my new boyfriends locker. He's kind of a big deal. Jessica Simpson has nothing on me.

This is me catching a game winning touchdown.

This is me taking a picture of the cheerleader locker room. Clearly, a room full of mirrors is not enough for these girls. They need a life size picture of themselves above their locker to remind them how hot they are.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Clearly, I have been doing very important things that have kept me from my blog. Next to Cheyenne on the private jet. I leave tomorrow. I have cool clients.

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Mar said...

I'm pretty sure the cheerleaders have their pictures above their lockers because they can't read. They need photographic proof of which locker belongs to them.