Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This craft requires spray glue and a staple gun. I can handle that.

I have a client, who will remain nameless, that is a crafting company. They are one of my favorite clients to do work for even though I have no crafting abilities of my own. Because I myself am no crafter. Like, I have probably only been to the craft store 5 times in my entire life.

So when I called my mom the other day from a craft store, I could practically hear her falling off of her chair from shock. I told her I was lost and couldn't find my way home and that I somehow ended up at the Michaels down the street. Ok, that's a lie. But something weird did happen. I actually had the urge to do my own craft.


It all happened when I looked at this blog and saw these adorable wall decorations.

Photo courtesy of thediydish.com

And lucky for me, I was meeting with the two creators of thediydish.com blog that afternoon. So I asked them how they made these. And guess what, it's super easy. Well, it sounds super easy. I haven't made them yet. But when I do, I'll follow up with a post giving you minute by minute details of the event. Because it WILL be an event. Natalie Does Her Own Craft Event 2010.

It will be epic.


Amy Buff said...

This is funny because check out Lauren Anderson's post on this same topic:


Annie said...

So I am totally intrigued by this craft project. Can you tell me what they superglued and staple gunned the fabric too? What kind of bored is it and where did they get it? This is adorable.