Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010

As I type this post, I hear the constant noise of a carpet fan drying my basement carpet.


My house smells like mildew and must and all I want is for it to go away. This whole big mess, which I will now title The Great Flood of 2010, all began on Tuesday when the basement toilet started overflowing. Luckily I was in my room when I started to hear the overflow of water. I bolted upstairs for the one toilet plunger in my house and immediately called my dad to find out what to do. He instructed me how to turn off the water to the toilet. Done. That was easy.

However, then he told me to lift off the top of the toilet to start diagnosing the problem and it was then that I knew I was over my head. And then I remembered something. Something so important that I almost didn't care that all my nice towels were being ruined because they were on the floor trying to stop the water from entering the hallway. Justin was coming over, and for those that don't know me, Justin is my boyfriend and the fact that I am actually typing that out on this blog is kind of a big deal. I don't blog about dating unless it's a hysterical story and I am no longer going to see said date again. Blogging about boyfriends to me means one of two things; 1) people will start asking a billion questions about our relationship and I won't want to answer any of them or 2) I'll jinx my relationship and we'll break up next week.

I hope neither of those happen because of this post.

Anyway, back to the story. Justin has mentioned to me numerous times that he is "handy". And by handy I don't mean "handsy", I mean handy and that he can actually fix things. As much as I like to tout that I don't need a man, I actually do. And so when he told me this, I said to him, "One day I'll test this. And our relationship will hang in the balance." I think he kind of believed me when I told him that, too. He's a smart man.

So as my dad is trying to tell me to lift the "bubble thing" and check the drain I hear the doorbell ring. I interrupt him and say, "Justin's here. And he tells me he is handy. This is his test, Dad. Pray that he passes and can fix my toilet. Otherwise, we're in trouble."

And low and behold, he passed the test. With flying colors. For when we realized that it wasn't just the toilet that was the problem, but the main drain line to our house that was clogged, he spent the next 1.5 hours helping me clean up the mess that had happened in our entire basement. And then he took me to McDonalds for ice cream.

Truly a man after my own heart.


AshEnds said...

I must say I am not at all surprised about the "boyfriend" reveal. I knew you couldn't be holding back ridiculous dating stories unless they had all dried up (in a good way). Congrats Justin on passing the "test"... you must be a good boyfriend material to clean up a mess like that. Don't worry Natalie, we won't pester you too much with random questions about the guy in your life.

Mar said...

Awesome. Ben is handy--and he likes ice cream from McDonald's too. Both are signs of a good boyfriend in my opinion.

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Love it. Obviously not the part about the flood, that makes me so sad. But I love the part that you wrote about Justin and that he is a handy man. Too awesome!

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Natalie that is awesome to have a built in handyman. Not to rip on my hubby or anything but he can't change a light bulb. just saying. Hope everything is back to normal in your basement.

JKreids said...

Hurray for ice cream giving men. They really know how to please a lady.

What's hotter than a handy man??


kristine said...

This "Justin" character sounds too good to be true. He can't be real. Handy? Took you for ice cream? Sounds wonderful!

The Beck Family said...

sounds like this "boyfriend" should come meet all your old school friends for ice cream in your backyard soon :)

The Beck Family said...

sounds like this "boyfriend" should come meet all your old school friends in your backyard and enjoy some ice cream :)

Kellen said...

Look! I found your blog!