Friday, June 18, 2010

I might be poor, but at least my niece will be well dressed

In my last post when I said I wanted to quit my job and just hang out with this adorable baby all day, I wasn't kidding. Because seriously if I could, I would.

But alas, if I quit my job I would be able to buy zebra print outfits for her like this:

I am REALLY hoping that zebra print dress will fit her. She is just itty, bitty. Case in point:

When she fell asleep on me like this, my cold heart melted:

And this is her putting up a debate on me leaving. She's already realizing that she can pretty much do anything and I will bend over backwards for her.


Samantha Martin said...

Natalie - congrats on entering the world of Aunting. You look like a natural already! Let the spoiling begin.

Jinny Snow said...

I look at your great pictures every morning just to see if she is real!

Nicole said...

ha! i love you as auntie natalie!