Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Lent...

So, I'm not Catholic or anything, but I decided that I was going to participate in Lent this year. I mean, I guess I could show God how much I love him by giving up something that i love for 40 days. Or at least that is what I am telling people.

When I broke up with Justin last summer, I lost a good 15 lbs. It was kind of awesome. Well, the breakup and not having an appetite for a month wasn't awesome, but being all skinny and crap was wonderful. But lets be honest, the way I eat there was no way I was going to be able to keep that weight off. And well, I've pretty much gained it all back. No surprise.

But I kind of loved being 15 lbs lighter. So I decided that I was going to participate in Lent and give up fast food. Yes, I could say that I am showing God how much I love him, but really I am doing it so I can hopefully lose some weight. Selfishness, covered by the outward appearance of selflessness. It's brilliant.

Anyway, so I posted on Facebook my decision to give up fast food. And this was the response:

Clearly, people think I am insane for doing such an act or they think I can't do it.

Then, today my lovely friend Kristine sent me this:

What is this??? She tempts me with adorable pictures of her baby eating delicious fast food?!

It's like people WANT me to fail. And to that I say, NO WAY! I have God on my side.

He totally wants me to be skinny.


Brooke Woodall said...

Nat- You looked like you were going to blow away in the wind last time I saw you. You seriously do not need to lose any weight! Nice try though.

Older (wiser, too) said...

You ARE tall and skinny. I know this from my 4' 10" vantage point.
I'm willing to help you out, if you insist, Just bring ME your Girl Scout cookies.

Anna said...

um. yeah. you are tiny. it kind of pisses me off.

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Oh Nat, you make me laugh! I say do it girl (although you don't need to lose any weight, you look great)! speen and I are giving up candy/junk food. We'll need all the luck we can get!

rawhide said...

i think i like your blog and i've only read 2 posts....1'm an emotional non eater and lose tons fo weight when i break up....maybe its time for another break up. i'm glad you are still keeping to your lent goals....with God on your side. ha ha ha

Amy Buff said...

Love this and I am sure that God wants you to be skinny... but I'm also pretty sure that you were at the Nooner last week...and I'm thinkin that counts as fast food. Any comments?