Monday, April 11, 2011

Lent doesn't count if a boy buys my dinner. Just saying.

So I thought I might give you all a little update on how I am doing on my Lent promise. I will have you know that I have not eaten at a fast food restaurant once since Ash Wednesday. Ok, well, I take that back, I did eat KFC and it was on a date. So I take that as I get a free pass. And before I tell you about how I let some guy take me to KFC, let me first say that not eating fast food is KILLING ME. All I want is a burger and fries. Seriously, that is all I want out of life. I have 14 more days until I will be pulling into the closest Wendy's and ordering enough burgers to make myself sick. I'll start a paper chain and keep it at my office.

Now, on to my KFC date. I know, you are all probably thinking, "this guy is retarded if he is taking our dear Natalie to KFC." And well, he might be retarded, but it wasn't for his lack of date planning. And the reasons why he might be retarded will not be discussed on this blog. But, I will talk about how I actually let him take me to KFC.

On our first date, he took me to the Mandarin up in Bountiful. We went there on a Saturday night and when we got there I overheard a lady say that she had been waiting for 35 minutes and still had 7 parties ahead of her. But to my surprise, when my date came back from checking us in he told me our wait would be 20 minutes. When I asked how come our wait was so short, he told me that he called ahead and put our names on the list. WHAT??!!! He called ahead??!! I practically jumped him right then and there, but I refrained myself. It was our first date. I had to hold the crazy in a little.

So now it was the day of our 2nd date. I had no idea what we were going to do. Then at 4 that afternoon I get a text from him. Here is our text conversation...and in italics are my thoughts that coincided with his messages.

Him: wear some comfy shoes
Me: (um, comfy shoes? comfy shoes don't really go with the outfit I have planned). Will gold flats work as comfy shoes? Or do I need to be wearing work out shoes?
Him: Can you move around in gold flats?
Me: (move around?? He is taking me dancing!!! How romantic!) Gold flats are good for anything but maybe hiking. Are you going to tell me what we are doing? Or is it a surprise?
Him: How does getting KFC and playing frisbee in the park sound?
Me: (Woa, I was WAY off. Dancing? Why did I ever think he would take me dancing. I'm such a girl.) I think that sounds perfect! It's great weather for that too! See you tonight.

So yes, we went to KFC, ordered a bucket and chicken and ate it in the park. It was awesome.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

I think that's cute. Who is this guy? Will there be a 3rd date?

Anna said...

dreamy :)

fried chicken and frisbee.

Madison Bradshaw said...

was that monday night when i saw you??? he is a cute guy.. jump on it.. it's been long enough now!:)

Madison Bradshaw said...

was this monday night when i saw you??? he is cute and that is a fun date! umm time to jump on that!:)

Natalie said...

Madison - no that was another guy. He was cute huh?

Natalie said...

Katie - as mentioned in my post, KFC guy might be retarded. It is still up in the air. There was a hang out after the 2nd date, which led me to think he might be retarded. We'll see what happens next.

It's a total crap shoot.

Older (wiser, too) said...

LOVE fried chicken. LOVE creative men. But in my vast experience, methinks only fat men love to dance.
(Even the minuet.)