Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flourecent lighting was almost the deciding factor.

So, I actually never blogged about this, but I switched jobs back in January. Yes, 10 months ago. Leaving Agency X to go to Agency Y was a tough choice. I loved Agency X and miss it a lot. But I'm really enjoying my life at Agency Y so I am happy with my decision.

One nice thing about Agency Y is that I now have an office - opposed to a work space that can't even be called a cubical at X. Don't get me wrong, I loved the layout and design at X, but it didn't provide for any privacy. Needless to say, I became VERY good at blocking out noise around me. I've pretty much mastered the ability to have selective hearing. My future children are screwed.

Anyway, so at Agency Y I have an office. It's small, but it's an office. But I have come to loved it. From where I sit I can see into the office across from me which has a huge window. Plus, all my new work friends have offices right next to me. I feel like I have the best lot in the neighborhood.

Current office digs:

A week or so ago my boss came into my office and told me that with the recent new hires, they are moving some people around and a much larger office is free for my taking. She told me to think about it.

You're thinking...GREAT! A larger office! But there are some other things to consider. The office is down by all the partners (not a horrible thing, but I would just be away from all my friends) and it doesn't have any natural lighting. Trying to weigh my options, I went into my coworkers office to get his opinion. He decided we should make a pros/cons list. I was all for it.

This is our list:

My favorite is the cons list.

1) Loneliness
2) Bad Lighting

Ultimately, I chose to take the new office. I really do need more space, plus all my friends promised to come visit me in my new office (all the way down the hall). Once I'm all settled I'll try and post some pictures. I feel like such a grown up.


Annie said...

Congratulations on the office! I'm lucky enough to have an office, but unfortunately I have no access to windows or natural light, so whenever anyone calls and asks how the weather in Salt Lake is I tell them it's beautiful and sunny, because I never know if it's not the truth!

Penel said...

Do you think you are being moved next to the partners because they feel a need to keep an eye on you? When I taught school, I always kept the trouble makers close to my desk. I thought I had taught you better. MOM

Natalie said...