Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dating No No's

I am sick of going out on crappy dates. I personally think that it is the universe playing a very mean joke on me - for i have gone on many many many bad dates over the years. My most recent date might just take over the #1 worst date position. So, I have decided to make a list of dating no no's and would hope that those of you that read this (Alisa), will agree with me.

1) Don't make your date sit in the back seat while your friend takes shotgun.
2) Don't ask a question and then ignore the answer by interrupting the response with a story about you.
3) Don't act all knowing in all subjects
4) Don't make your date go up to the hostest and put your name in for a table - DO IT YOURSELF
5) Don't talk about how much money you have
6) Don't say that you could never work a full day of work. Being someone that works a full day of work everyday - i find that highly offensive.
7) Don't go to a rated R movie on the first date.
8) Don't talk about all the name brand clothes you have - or ask me how many I have
9) Don't insult my taste in music. Everyone in entitled to their own opinions. Don't make me feel stupid for mine.
10) Don't ask a girl on a date only to have it turn int a faux-date because none of your buddies can get dates.

This list all came out of my most recent experience. Future entries might consist of more no no's - this will do for now.


alisa said...

i was going to say that i could come up with a lot more no-nos that were more general than just the one date from hell.

i actually like bad dates. they make great conversation for future bad and good dates. plus, they make great stories for the story game. plus, they make great emails to send to your friends in san francisco.

therefore, i totally loved this date!

Nicole said...

wow, when you said crappy dates you meant it! that is seriously unbelievable. what kind of a person talks to his date about the brand names of his clothes? what is he, a twelve-year-old girl?

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