Friday, March 30, 2007

Pregnancy, Babies and Toddlers

As a single independent woman, I find this next entry something that I can't really relate to, but I have chosen to write about it anyway. Last night I had a baby shower at my house for my friend Rebekah. I co-hosted the shower with my friend Amy (who is also married) and we invited 16 people. The invites went out with RSVP Regrets Only on them. Now, after throwing quite a few showers in the past, i have learned that people these day don't find it necessary to call and tell you if they are not planning on coming. And because of this, the issue of how much food to make it a definite uncertainty. Out of the 16 people invited, 7 came. I understand that stuff comes up or that you just might forget. However, i find it high suspicious that 9 people "forgot". Please, i beg of you (and by you I mean Alisa because you are the only one that reads this), please RSVP if you know you cannot go to an event that you have been invited to. It's just common curtesy.

Ok, so that was just me venting. The shower was fun and it was good to see all my high school girlies again. I find myself at bridal showers and baby showers with nothing to contribute because i cannot relate on any sort of level. My friend Lindsay came and brought her little girl Taylin - cutest thing I have ever seen. I took a picture of her but forgot to bring my cord to download it today - i will do that next week. But after watching Taylin run around and as i watch Lindsay be a mother, I realized how differnt my life is from most of my friends. Pregnacy, babies and toddlers - can't relate. And I probably won't relate for years and years to come.

This entry was boring and I am sorry that i bored you Alisa with my talk of practically nothing.


alisa said...

silly silly natalie. i always rsvp. my mom went to finishing school and raised us to be uber proper. i thank you for your encouragement. i'm glad that i would make you happy if i were to ever be invited to one of your awesome parties. how were the cupcakes?

diania said...

I am so sick of all these pregnant women! It seems like all everyone talks about.

Vic and Lindsay said...

You are so cute Nat! Thanks again for having us over at your house! And I am liking this Blog idea, I think I might have to make one myself. I want to see the pics you took of the shower.

Jessica said...

I'd like to add that I did, in fact, RSVP!