Thursday, April 5, 2007

You Blew it, Ohio State!!!

March - normally it is not my favorite month of year. It is still pretty cold and it tends to snow every once and a while. There is however one major event that makes me smile each and ever year. March Madness! I become an obsessed woman. And unlike most women I know, I enjoy the 4 days straight each weekend of college hoops. Ok, I must admit that the real reason i like it so much is because I gamble. Yes, I am probably going to hell, but man, it is worth it!

The Harris clan has started our own March Madness pool. Yes, we get together, gamble and call it Family Home Evening. Whatever keeps us together right? Instead of filling our brackets, Kim has developed a difficult system of picking teams. Each person gets 10 teams. Anyway, my top pick was Ohio State. This year it was a tight race and the winner of the $50 pool all came down to who's team won the championship game. That's right Ohio State, you blew it!!! Penel won the pool for a second year in a row!

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alisa said...

i'm pretty sure that march madness is the only sporting event that i really, full-heartedly support. oh wait, there's men's beach volleyball that i love too. oh and soccer. and phelps swimming in the olympics really made me a fan of that as well. okay, i'm sucker for hot guys without their shirts on, sue me! anyway, i'm basically saying that i'm sorry the gators won, but they were the winner on my bracket so i'm not too sorry.

congrats penelope! i love your mom.