Thursday, April 26, 2007

I need a new book

The last two books I read were absolutely fabulous. I couldn't put them down. Given, i was sitting on a beach and sipping my strawberry daiquiri (virgin of course) and so I could read with minimal interuption. However, since then, I haven't been able to get back in a reading mood. I have started two different books and have stopped after 30 pages from lack of interest. Please, if you have any suggestions for me to pick up at the local Barnes and Noble, please let me know.

These are the two books I read while on the beach. Read them! You won't be disappointed.

The Other Boleyn Girl
The Tenth Circle


gamine said...

I would highly recommend reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. It's very good. I just saw the movie which is also good, but read the book first.

alisa said...

Read North and South and Wives and Daughters, both by Elizabeth Gaskell. I think I already told you to read the second one.

I like the new title of the blog! So funny last night.

Nicole said...

you should totally read the lovely bones by alice sebold and memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden. they're awesome!

Natalie said...

Nicole - I have read both of them and they are both on my top 5 favorite books! Great minds think alike I guess.

Alisa - I bought Wives and Daughters back when you first told me about it and it is stilling on my bookshelf. Maybe I will pull it out and read it now.

Gamine - thanks for the suggestion. I read the summary of it and it sounds fabulous! I will pick it up!

Lori said...

I loved The Other Boelyn Girl!!! I was obsessed whilst reading. I would read at stoplights since I couldn't put it down.
Hmmm...I would suggest reading A Northern Light (is Young Adult fiction but very good), also Walk Two Moons is a YA fiction that is good.
Me Talk Pretty is one of my favorites because it's funny.
Year of Wonders is interesting novel about the plague.
Oooh, Pope Joan (I forget the author) is really good about the myth that there was a girl Pope.
Ohhh, or one of my favorites was Here Be Dragons about the Welsh fighting for independence in the 12th century, but there a love story and stuff. It's good.
Apparently, don't get me started on books...