Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't hire me to paint your house

Maybe my poor painting abilities stem from my coloring book days and the fact that I wasn't very good at staying in the lines? Or it could possibily be the fact that i almost passed out twice while painting my room this past weekend. Yes ladies and gents, i painted my room. My small 8 x 10 hole has now been transformed. Ok, not really - but to me is looks so much better. My walls were a light tan color that actually looked peach in some light. I was not a fan. However, for the past year and a half I have just been too lazy to do anything about it.

That is until my roommate Brooke painted her room and I decided to copy. I should have taken an actual before and after picture, but of course i forgot to take a picture before I moved everything.

I bought this nifty tape gun that made taping my room a breeze. Took me 30 minutes max to tape my entire room. Good thing i wasn't trying to impress someone in my paint clothes - because that sure wasn't going to happen when I looked like this!

Ok, so my walls look great - but my ceiling is another story. I probably got like 10 paint spots all over the ceiling, PLUS, when i took the tape off, some of the ceiling came with it. Shown in the big spot in the following picture:

I hung drapes and used my manly power tools to drill in the rods. Who needs a man when you have a power drill all your own?

My room has come together nicely. Or so I think.


alisa said...

it looks so nice. i really like your outfit. no wonder you didn't want any boys to come over and help.

so, what happened to the ceiling? are you keeping it that way?

Vic and Lindsay said...

Your room looks darling! You did Such a good job! It turned out Awesome!!! I need your help hanging curtains in the girls rooms. PLEASE!! Both Vic and I have no clue how to do it! Anyways it was good to see you at gateway! Don't you love the weather!

Lori said...

Your room looks so cute. It totally looks exactly like the color I painted my room in SLC, when I was cool and didn't live with my parents. Dang. Where do you live?

Natalie said...

Lori - I live in Sugarhouse. If I tell you exactly where my mother will kill me. She thinks some mad scary person might come and stalk me. Who knows. Better be safe though.

The color is Cappicino from Restoration Hardware.

Alisa - I plan to paint over the spots of ceiling that came off with the tape. That proabably won't happen any time soon though. I am lazy like that.