Monday, April 23, 2007

Who needs fertilizer...

Our way of getting rid of the dandilions in our front yard:

And when mowing the lawn doesn't work:


ali said...

Nat, you are my kind of girl. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be so terrible to let the dandelions stay.

I wanted to pop by your blog and tell you thank you for supporting Your Heart I hope you continue to enjoy it! We live for ideas and feedback, so if you come across anything we need to cover, please feel free to e-mail me: ali at

I'm a summer-lovin' type, too. Hopefully these fits of rain and snow will end soon!

alisa said...

so, i'm glad to see you doing something about the shabby yard of yours. maybe you should get some of those mushrooms or something to make it look friendly.

i wish you would blog about your saturday night.

Nicole said...

how fun that you live in a real house--now i totally want to know where it is. i tried to figure it out from the photo but couldn't. dangit!