Friday, April 20, 2007

And we are back in business

The other day I got back from lunch and my computer screen was frozen with a big black pop up box that said, "You need to restart your computer". And so that is what I did. Little did I know that after hitting the power button, my little Mac wouldn't turn back on. This was going to be tragic. My whole life is on my computer. I have about a zillion emails that I haven't ever backed up (who does that?) and I also have pictures and files that are all on my desktop.

After a 1/2 day of trying to reinstall the operating system, my little computer had to be brought to the doctor. The Mac doctor that is. MacDocs. The past two days I have been in a constant state of panick that my files will be lost. I have had to play musical computers at work. Whatever computer is free for the moment, I was on it.

After some intense surgery and diagnostic testing, my computer has been saved. Apparently it was a bad RAM. I have all my emails, pictures and files back in safe and comfortable mouse click away. Maybe i should back my stuff up know huh?


alisa said...

i'm so glad you were able to save it. it would have been a real tragic loss in the agency world without your mac.

Nicole said...

i LOVE that you have a mac--i'm a mac girl too. and i'm glad you got all your stuff back.