Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Plan of Attack!

To continue the saga of my "Seeing Mushrooms" entry a few days back, my roommates and I thought it would be appropriate to take this mushroom situation into our own hands. Annoying Neighbor #1 needs to know we don't think 75 mushrooms in her garden is acceptable. So, in the cover of darkness Mackenzi and Brooke snuck over to AN#1 yard and stole a mushroom. They ran back to our house and we devised a plan that would surely demonstrate our hatred of the mushrooms. The mushroom must be hanged.

With a little rope, some scissors and a knot, our master plan was soon to be fulfilled.

Que evil laugh.....

Also, note the time. Nothing good happens after midnight.

Kenz and Brooke snuck back over and hung that mushroom from the tree in AN#1 front yard.

The mushroom stayed this way until Sunday afternoon when AN#1 finally took it down and placed it back in her garden.


Jason said...

Abosutely brilliant...Hopefully she gets the message. Those ceramic mushrooms are ridiculous, and it sounds like AN#1 is someone who I would also find extremely distasteful

Penel said...

Don't call me from jail when you get arrested for vandalism and petty burglary! Love you, MOM