Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seeing Mushrooms?

I used to have a very cute family live in the house next to me. Missy, Troy and their darling little daughter Caroline seem to have the perfect life. I am very jealous. Where do I sign up? Missy was an exceptionally talented gardener and kept her garden in top form. She once said her garden was supposed to be "french-inspired" - and it was.

Missy and Troy moved away in December and a rich little spoiled 20 year old girl moved in. I have yet to learn her name. I already don't like her because her parents live in California and bought her the house. She is in a sorority at the U - need I say more. Anyway, Annoying Neighbor #1 (this is what I will call her) has taken it upon herself to ruin Missy's beautiful garden by placing dozens of those ceramic mushrooms all over. Now, maybe one or two would be cute, but dozens put me over the edge.

I made sure she wasn't home and took a few pictures.

And this is the saddest part. The flower boxes. Missy always had them decorated to match the appropriate season. Texas Street will never be the same.


Jessica said...

Natalie, I have to say that I dont like your sorority girl comment. I'm sure if you got to know her she would be a very nice person (much like myself)

The mushroom thing must be joke or something because that is just rediculous

alisa said...

That's horrible that you let such smuck move into the neigborhood. I'm sure you house value has dropped. Does this mean no more playdates?

Nat-the-Brat said...

Jessica - I am sorry about the sorority girl comment. There are plenty of sorority girls that I love and adore (like you for example). Maybe i will introduce myself to her next time I see her.

Texas Street Neighbor said...

Well, I decided to put the mushrooms in the garden because I thought they would look nice and make the front of the house look inviting. Missy and Troy wanted to put them in before they moved. Since they didn't have the chance, I decided to do it for them in their honor. Little did I know that this would make "Headline News" on my neighbor's blog. By the way, I was sick the day you took the pictures of my house. Actually, I was inside looking at you when you took them. Anyway, I will take them down as soon as I get the chance. Sincerely, the husband of your former roommate living in the Aves!