Friday, April 13, 2007

Sick Day

The flu is going around my office. Normally, my body is able to shield off any unpleasent sicknesses, but yesterday was not the case. Wednesday night I felt it coming on so I rushed to the local Albertsons and loaded up on NyQuil. I hate NyQuil. I swear it it doesn't work. Why I bought it I don't know. I bought the capsules because the thought of drinking the liquid makes me gag.

I woke up yesterday with the chills, a mean sore throat and horrible body aches. Nope, I wasn't going into work. I slept in until 10 and then decided to watch a movie. Around noon the doorbell rang. I froze. Who is at my door in the middle of the day? I tiptoed upstairs. I didn't want whoever was at my front door to know I was there. Not that my car parked in front of the house was a dead give away, but I had to be careful. I went to the window and peeked outside. I saw no car. Fear rushed through me. I am home by myself in the middle of the day.

By some unforseen force, I was walking towards the door and opening it. It was my landlord. Phew! He came to fix our stove. I chatted with him for a while as he fixed the stove. He then asked if I had had lunch. I said no. He then said that he was going to get me some chicken noodle soup to make me feel better. I told him that was unnecessary, but he put on his shoes and told me he would be right back. Now, Mark (my landlord) lives in Maryland. He has no idea where to get soup here. I figured he wouldn't be back so I sat back on the couch and resumed my movie. 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened the door and this is what Mark was holding:

He couldn't find fresh soup anywhere (shocker), so he stopped off at the store and got me this. I thanked him and then said goodbye. Needless to say, I didn't make the soup. But what a nice landlord!


Nicole said...

i hate liquid nyquil too! i hope you're feeling better.

diania said...

Nyquil isnt that bad if you drink the entire bottle. It works wonders..

alisa said...

what is your landlord's story? single? hot? willing to move to utah? that is just the sweetest thing ever.

matzoh ball soup is nummy, you should try it.