Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Ski of the Season

This past Memorial day weekend seemed to have all the makings of a great 3-day weekend. Warm, sunny, no work AND a trip to the lake. However, mother nature decided to pull a fast one on us and blew in a cold front just in time for us to go boating. Can't a girl catch a break? Willing to bare the elements, Kim, Penel, Alex and I drove to Willard Bay to get in a few runs. Through wind and snow (ok, not really snow - that was more for dramatic story telling effect) we launched The Naked Mermaid (name of the boat) and headed out to find some decent water.

Alex safely putting my demo ski on our ski rack. I wasn't about to waste a good demo ski just because of crappy water and weather.

I think I almost froze from the very beginning. Don't ask me how I actually was able to get in the water.

I have decided to not upload any pictures that were taken of me while I was skiing. I make the ugliest faces. I am embarrassed to even have pictures of me skiing on my camera. Note to self: smile and look pleasent no matter how cold or uncomfortable you are. I will however upload pictures of Alex. He doesn't make the faces I normally do. I should learn from him.

By the time we left the lake the sun was coming out. Of course. Just our luck. Thanks mom and dad for a memorable and fun trip to the lake. Can't wait for more this summer!


Nicole said...

as much as i love boating, that really doesn't look fun--i think i'd wait for it to warm up a bit. oh and i can't believe how enormous your little brother is--unreal.

Anonymous said...

It was hard getting you to smile while your feet were killing you dancing on your toes, too.