Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trade Day Tuesdays

I have just implemented Trade Day Tuesdays. This is where you give me one thing, and I will give you something in return. A trade if you will. TDT came to fruition last night as Rich and Josh were over at our house. I was quietly reading in my room when Josh came in asking for me to wash his hair. To which my immediate response was, 'No". I also told him my shampoo was too expensive to use on such frivolous things.

I joined the boys and Mackenzi in our family room for a little chit-chat and of course, to watch an episode of the office. Since my boating outing on Monday, my back and shoulders have been very sore and all day I wished I had a husband to come home to to give me a massage. And then it hit me.

I told Josh I would wash his hair on one condition - he had to give me a massage. Josh agreed quicker than I expected. Either he really wanted his hair washed or he wants me. I believe it is the former.

Josh gave me quite a nice massage.

I was secretly wishing that The Office would end and I could somehow get away without washing Josh's hair. Yes, selfish of me, I know. But I wasn't so lucky. We first tried to wash his hair in my bathtub. But my bathroom is like the size of a closet so we moved to the kitchen. We tried to make a salon chair out of our kitchen chair, but it just didn't work. Apparently wooden chairs don't recline very easily.

And so, Trade Day Tuesdays was officially born. Start your own TDT, take pictures and enjoy.


Vic and Lindsay said...

This is perfect! I will switch and go to work and actually talk to adults, go out with friends and sleep uninterupted through the night. And you can take the kiddo's.....Sound like a plan? :) I'm just teasing I love my girls. Scared you didn't I?

GJ said...

Go Jazz...take game 5!

diania said...

There was one little misprint in your story. The part of where your husband comes home and gives you a massage. They won't just do that, you'll still have to "trade" something.

Natalie said...

Diania - in my world, my future husband is perfect and therefore will do things for me without asking for anything in return. Don't burst my imaginary bubble.

alisa said...

i'm so glad i have an entire week to come up with something good for next week's trade day tuesday--you better get ready

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Natalie! Holy cow, what a surprise. How in the world did you find my blog? Glad you your blog and your pictures, looks like you've been having alot of fun! Great to hear from you!