Thursday, May 31, 2007

Add Another One to the Mix

Last night Lindsay and Jessica threw a baby shower for our dear friend Katie. Fabulous shower girls! It was good to see everyone and to also see Katie's cute little bump. I have a feeling it might be a while until our next baby or bridal shower for our group of friends. I find it kind of funny that out of 11 high school friends, 5 all got married within a few years of each other. The other 6 still remain single. Out of the 5 that are married, 4 now have children. I love how different all our lives are, but I am happy that we can get together and it seems like things haven't changed.

Question now is: Will the next shower be a bridal shower or a baby shower?


Erica said...

Sad I wasn't there!

Nicole said...

oh my gosh, i haven't seen those girls in years! katie, of course, hasn't changed a bit (except for the tummy). how fun.

Vic and Lindsay said...

Funny, I just posted a blog about the same thing. And then I come on your page and we almost wrote the exact same headliner. Fun to see you last night!