Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am Amazing!

I am amazing. Yes, indeed I am. I have my own power drill and I can read and follow simple picture instructions. Who else can claim that? Well, pretty much everyone can I guess. So maybe I am not all that amazing. But I did assemble yet another piece of furntiure for my house all by myself. Well, my cousin Carly handed me some screws and held a piece in place for me at one point - so I guess I didn't do it all by myself. Crap, the evidence of my amazingness is slowly being chipped away. Whatever. This is me starting my IKEA coffee table assembely:

And this is the finished product:


Nicole said...

hey, i got a coffee table at ikea too! congrats on the assembly--i'm going to make alex put ours together!

diania said...

You are truely amazing.