Friday, May 25, 2007

We Might Be Crazy?!

Sometimes I consider SLC a pretty normal sized city. That is until we finally get a store like Ikea and the whole news coverage is focused on the grand opening. I told myself that I wouldn't go to Ikea for at least a month after the opening. But, really, who was I trying to fool? Myself? Possibly. However, I am an easy sell, so Kenzi, Brooke and I became one of "those people" that actually was crazy enough to brave Ikea on the second day of it's opening.

And in true Natalie fashion, I couldn't walk out of the store without at least dropping $100. I did go there with the intentions of purchasing a coffee table. And so that is what I did. The joy now lies in assembling it. BUT, if you refer to one of my early posts and my amazing ability to assemble a side table from Target, I am sure this coffee table will be a breeze. I'll blog about that adventure later.


Nicole said...

oh my gosh i LOVE ikea--alex is not looking forward to the fact that we're totally going on monday--memorial day--with about a billion other people, i'm sure!

diania said...

Hurry up and put it together so we can see real pictures.

Vic and Lindsay said...

Yes, that was where I got my pillow for Finleys room. Pretty fun! It looks like you found a few things too! Yeah!