Monday, May 14, 2007

St. George/Vegas Trip: Part 2: The Rides and One Celeb

Most people go to Vegas to gamble, party, drink, get married and have sex. Us eight mormon kids did the exact opposite. We rode the overpriced rides.

Our first stop once we got to Vegas was The Big Shot at the Stratosphere. Literally, it was the first stop. Mackenzi was super nervous about this and Adam tried to coax her into thinking it wasn't so scary. Um, I think this pictures says it all. I practically peed my pants after seeing this picture. It is now on our fridge for all to see.

On saturday night after the concert, me, Kenzi, Adam, Ben and Johnny hit up the New York, New York rollercoaster. Family pack for four bought you two pictures + the ride. These pictures definitely are not as funny as the Big Shot - but still worth viewing.

After the New York, New York we were hungry. So what? It happened to be one in the morning. Vegas doesn't sleep! We headed over to In-n-Out because it happened to be very close. As we walked in and got in line, Jay Leno just happened to be waiting in line for his food.

Being the two hot girls that we are, Kenzi and I asked for a picture. Jay was very nice and called us "pretty ladies". Highlight of the trip!!


Nicole said...

no way--i can't believe you really met leno! that is nuts!

alisa said...

who took the fuzzy picture? he should be fired. you had one opportunity for a great shot and it was ruined! ruined! i can't believe you really saw jay leno, that's so cool. i've seen chuck woolery, not as cool as leno, but the only thing i've got.

also, i lauged out loud when i clicked on the picture of you on the stratosphere because that is freakin' hilarious! nice scanning job.

alisa said...

is a part 3 coming?

Natalie said...

Part 3 will come tomorrow.

The fuzzy picture happened because before I tried to be really sly and take a picture of jay without him noticing - so I turned off my flash. THEN, when I actually got the nerve to ask for a picture, i forgot to turn the flash back on. Don't worry, Kenzi got a good picture and when I get it, i will repost the new and improved picture.

Garrett said...

No Freaking Way! Rock on just reduced my six degrees of Kevin Bacon from 6 to 2. Ladies-->Jay Leno-->Bacon. Nice Job.