Monday, May 14, 2007

St.George/Vegas Trip: Part 1 - The Lake

This past weekend a group of friends took a much needed vacation to St. George and Vegas. We stayed in St. George Thursday night and all day on Friday - then we headed to Sin City. The main reasoning for going on this trip is that Adam and his "Players Club" status at the MGM (he claims he doesn't gamble - I tend to think he is hinding something from all of us) scored us front row tickets to the Chicago concert on Saturday night. I took around 75 pictures and so I thought i would break out the trip on a few different posts by highlighting some of the best parts of the trip. Actually, the whole trip was so much fun!

We went boating at Sand Hollow on Friday and here are some of my favorite pictures. The weather was PERFECT (95 degrees) and the lake was fabulous! Hooray for summer!!!


alisa said...

i'm ready for the second installment

Nicole said...

how fun--i know how much you love boating!