Friday, June 8, 2007

Apparently I Need an Attitude Change

After clicking on a few random blogs today, i found an entry by someone that I couldn't pass up the challenge. Go to google and type in "natalie needs" (or your first name and then "needs") and type in the first ten responses. No lie, these are what came up, in this exact order.. my comments are in bold:

1. Natalie needs a nightie
2. Natalie needs to give John his space (WTF? who's John)
3. Natalie needs to illustrate her points more thoroughly
4. Natalie needs what Natalie wants (my personal favorite)
5. Natalie needs convincing
6. Natalie needs some cash (true. very true)
7. Natalie needs some watering if you want to her live
8. Natalie needs wide open spaces
9. Natalie needs to open up a little more on her date (maybe that is why I am still single?)
10. Natalie needs to lighten up

That was fun.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

HA! the first one on mine was "nicole needs a boob job." okay, that is the LAST thing i need, but it definitely made me laugh!